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By David Borenstein M.D.

This is often the 1st publication designed to provide humans the knowledge they should devise a mixture remedy plan

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For being supportive and understanding during the development and production of this book. INTRODUCTION ONE BIG SNEEZE CAN DO YOU IN I knew better than to bend over to grab a pair of socks from the bottom drawer—that was my first mistake. ” Twisting from the waist was my second mistake, although I had used that motion thousands of times and it had never affected me the way it did now. Just as I started to straighten up, I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my back as the muscles there went into spasm.

O. D. O. specializing in the surgery of the nervous system, including the spine. T. T. C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) who uses physical adjustments and mobilization to treat spinal disorders. Acupuncturist: A health professional who places needles at various points of the body to unblock energy to treat spinal disorders. T. (Licensed massage therapist) who uses therapeutic muscle massage to improve musculoskeletal disorders. Chose your health care provider depending on your specific back problem, but always start with your primary care physician or rheumatologist.

In this part of the spine, we can see male and female anatomical differences. In men, more of the sacrum is attached to the ilium, and in women, the sacroiliac joints widen during childbirth. These differences also play a role in the typical gait we associate with men and women. In men, the hip structure tends to be stable during normal walking movements; in women there is a natural sway of the hips. The sacrum contains the end of the spinal canal and, therefore, nerves. The Coccyx. The tail bone, as the coccyx is also known, consists of four tiny fused vertebrae located between the cheeks of the buttocks.

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