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By Jason Bradbury

Twelve year-old Jackson Farley is a electronic genius. On a robotics scholarship at a high-tech American collage, he is having the time of his lifestyles - yet then an explosion on the nuclear reactor on campus alterations every little thing. Jackson and his fellow players are hugely suspicious - the assault bears the hallmark of maniacal billionaire Devlin Lear and his rogue robots. And apparently to join a terrifying multimillion-dollar grasp plan. yet Jackson cannot think Lear is at the back of the sinister dealings. Devlin Lear is useless. isn't really he?

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From different corners of the earth, they’d fought remotely alongside the Kojima twins, as part of MeX, and then stood up to Devlin Lear, exposing his corrupt deeds to the world. The amazing thing was that all these incredible adventures and life-changing experiences had taken place through means of highly advanced technologies that used the Internet as their communication medium. Brooke, Jackson and the twins had never needed to meet to achieve any of it. But now the two friends shared the same laboratory every day and, despite Brooke’s tendency to be moody and extremely bossy, they got on like a house on fire.

P. had a point about funding it whichever way he could; the kind of high-end scientific equipment required to fabricate advanced nano-composite materials, or ‘smart materials’ as the professor called them, didn’t come cheap. Jackson glanced at the robot pens across the lab. ’s own patented, indestructible plastic, which enabled it to withstand the crushing pressures of the deep sea. The pen to the left of Verne belonged to Punk, and on the right was Fist. In the next pen was Tug, an ultra-strong, high-tensile steel, chisel-shaped flying battering ram.

There was a momentary pause, then another message arrived: ‘I CN DO IT IN 35 ;-)’. P. bellowed even louder at Brooke. ‘Are you hearing this, young lady? ’ Brooke retorted, suddenly and stubbornly engaging with her father’s scolding. ’ ‘You need to get real, Brooke. ’ ‘Exactly,’ said Brooke. ’ ‘Ultimately, he will. ’ Brooke spat, jabbing her finger at the white spherical robot that hung on a hook and chain in the robot pens next to Fist and Punk. ‘When you first pitched the idea of an underwater robot, it was to monitor the effects of deep-sea drilling and factory fishing on the underwater ecology.

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