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By A. Townend

The e-book explores the connection among assertiveness and variety. The case experiences and private tales illustrate how members, groups, and businesses could make a distinction and give the chance for everybody to be valued for who they're revered for what they do.

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Fear is often accompanied by shame, shame of the fear, and fear of the shame. ” This enabled Atif to see himself differently, to celebrate who he was, and the things that mattered to him, and to see them as positive rather than negative. Atif describes himself now as being at peace with himself, of living an honest and open life of which he is proud. Out of the uncertainty of “unknowing” and not knowing his values he now knows what matters to him, and feels secure and confident in himself to be able to have any conversation no matter how challenging the subject or relationship.

I might as well give up now. Negative thoughts such as these often result in people feeling uptight, with headaches and low physical energy. People communicate what they are thinking and feeling about themselves non-verbally and verbally to others. Once people focus on the negative it is easy to spiral down, finding more and more not only in oneself, but also in others, that is negative. 2. Developing positive self-assertion through intuitive intelligence Intuition is, first of all, an expression of power.

Recent research into affective neuroscience (Wilkinson, 2006) has much to offer to those looking to understand assertiveness, and in particular understand the internal connections that are made between the mind, body, and brain and how they relate to the external connections that people make with each other. People are able to make new neuronal connections throughout life; however, early infancy and adolescence are the times of most growth and development. In infancy, between birth and the age of 18 months, the child’s brain is undergoing huge neuronal development, with connections being made through the process of the child being mirrored by her or his primary care-giver.

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