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By Paula Kempchinsky, Roumyana Slabakova (auth.), Paula Kempchinsky, Roumyana Slabakova (eds.)

The learn of the linguistic reflexes of point has been an lively box of analysis in a variety of sub-disciplines of linguistics, corresponding to syntax, semantics (including discourse thought) and acquisition experiences. despite the fact that, verbal exchange and dissemination of effects throughout those quite a few subfields has frequently been oblique. different angles introduced jointly supply us a finished photograph of the illustration of point within the mind/brain of the speaker.

The papers during this quantity symbolize the result of a workshop at the syntax, semantics and acquisition of point held in 2002 whose function used to be to foment lively cross-disciplinary communique. the various papers learn the syntactic illustration of lexical or scenario element, whereas others concentrate on the syntactic interplay of lexical element with grammatical element, and of grammatical point and annoying. different papers learn the position of element in discourse representations, whereas a 3rd staff of papers reviews on result of empirical stories at the acquisition of element in either first and moment language acquisition, and styles of lack of morphosyntactic reflexes of point in language attrition.

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Ani karati (*et) sefer. ' In contrast to the languages just mentioned, there are languages in which the position of the object or the Case on the object is aspectually conditioned. In Mandarin Chnese, object splits are conditioned by both the specificity of the object and the delimitation of the event. The Mandarin BA construction involves object shift to the preverbal position, and is only possible when the event denoted by the predicate is delimited, as the examples in (8) and (9) show. Since delimited events require definite or specific objects, the shifted objects in the BA construction are also definite (examples from Cheng, 1988, pp.

Thus, the plural inflection can occur without such individuals. In turn, individuals within a plural set emerge as a result of the presence of a quantity expression distinct from the plurality marker. But if this is the case, then perhaps there is much to be gained from assuming that plurality markers are not quantity heads, but rather, fulfill a different function in the grammar. I have argued elsewhere that plural markers are, in actuality, classifiers, and that like other classifiers, their main function is divisional.

No constraints on what can serve as a topic. , sentences with a subject and a base-generated topic) are pervasive 'in topic-prominent languages, but rare or unattested in pure subject-prominent languages. As noted in (25f), one salient characteristic of topic prominent languages is the existence of so-called "double subject" sentences containing both a topic and a subject. It is important to point out that the topic is not a theta-marked argument, but is rather an extra element that indicates what the sentence is about.

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