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By Quintus Asconius Pedianus

Scholars and students of Latin, heritage, and literature will locate this to be an exceptional e-book that gives insights into the lives of Cicero and Asconius, in addition to a desirable examine Rome within the first century BCE. Commentaries by way of Asconius are incorporated with the textual content and translation of those speeches through Cicero: In Pisonem, seasoned Scauro, professional Milone, seasoned Cornelio, and In Toga Candida. The publication additionally positive aspects an essay at the existence and works of Asconius, notes on resources, bibliography, catalog of Asconius' error, word list, and correct identify index.

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Et L. significat: ex quibus Lucius et consul et censor fuit, Gaius aedilicius quidem occisus est, sed tantum in civitate potuit ut causa belli civilis contentio eius cum Sulpicio tr. fu erit. Nam et sperabat et id agebat Caesar ut omissa praetura consul fieret: cui cum primis temporibus iure Sulpicius resisteret, postea nimia contentione ad ferrum et ad arma processit. Idem inter primos temporis sui oratores et tragicus poeta bonus admodum habitus est; huius sunt enim tragoediae quae PRO SCAVRO 39 Pompey’s great rival.

P. Pomponius and C. Clodius. Milo was travellin g in a carriage with his wife Fausta, daughter o f the dicta tor L. Sulla, and a relative called M. Fufius; (32) behind them was a long column of slaves including some gladiators, such as the famous Eudamus and Birria. They were at the fa r end of the line, moving fa irly slowly, and they started a brawl with Clodius’ slaves. As Clodius glanced back menacingly at this uproar, Birria hurled a lance which pierced his shoulder. With the fig h t under way, more of Milo’ s entourage ran up, while the wounded Clodius was carried to a near-by inn in Bovillae.

Cato, who was acquitted on 4 July. ) to stand for the consulship , 1 but the Sardinians laid a complaint about him, and he was prosecuted fo r re s repetundae in fron t of M. Cato by P. Valerius Triarius, an eloquent and energetic young man (19) (this Triarius was the son of the man who had fought against M. Lepidus in Sardinia and who later on served under L. ). The prosecution took place, according to the Acta, on 6 July, the third day a fter C. Cato’ s acquittal. Triarius was supported by L.

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