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By Hartmann von Aue, Frank J. Tobin, Kim Vivian, Richard H. Lawson

Hartmann von Aue (c. 1170–1215) is universally famous because the first medieval German poet to create world-class literature. He crafted German right into a language of sophisticated literary expression that cleared the path for writers reminiscent of Gottfried von Strassburg, Walther von der Vogelweide, and Wolfram von Eschenbach. This quantity provides the English reader for the 1st time with the whole works of Hartmann in readable, idiomatic English.

Hartmann's literary efforts conceal all of the significant genres and subject matters of medieval courtly literature. His Arthurian romances, Erec and Iwein, which he modeled after Chrétien de Troyes, brought the Arthurian global to German audiences and set the traditional for later German writers. His lyric poetry treats many features of courtly love, together with positive examples of the crusading tune. His discussion on love delineates the idea of courtly relationships among the sexes and the concern the sweetheart studies. His verse novellas Gregorius and bad Heinrich go beyond the area of mere human dimensions and look at where and tasks of the human within the divine scheme of items. Longfellow might later use negative Heinrich in his Golden Legend.

Arthurian Romances, stories, and Lyric Poetry is an enormous paintings destined to put Hartmann on the heart of medieval courtly literature for English readers.

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10 5 Now she has bid me go for love of her. It is irreversible: I am firmly obligated to go there. What little chance there is of my proving disloyal and breaking my oath! Many boast of what they would do for love’s sake. Where are their deeds? I hear their fine words quite clearly. 10 But I would like to see her bid some of them To serve her as I shall serve her. Love is genuine if one must set out for strange lands for love’s sake. See how she draws me forth from the sounds of my mother tongue and across the sea.

I followed them even onto slippery ice. Now I am suffering the harm they caused. If I were now to begin to detest all men, I would do so out of hatred of him alone. But how are they all at fault for this? Many men show better gratitude to their ladies. One lady, by using her good sense, Chose a friend who makes her happy. She is laughing while I am sad. Our lives play themselves out quite differently. I have begun with suffering. May God, the mighty One, ease my pain. 15 20 25 30 10. “I have little reason to complain” The first stanza of this poem expresses the paradox of the knight’s suffering in the presence of his lady.

The happiness of good women Has always caused my heart to rejoice. No one is more ready to serve them, And that shall always be the case. I shall be happy when they are happy, 5 10 15 Aue/book 4/30/01 2:08 PM Page 42 HARTMANN VON AUE 42 All my days, And shall lament their sufferings by suffering. No one should cease to praise them. Whatever we achieve that is valuable, And that we have not yet gone entirely to ruin, For this we should express our thanks to them. 20 11. “No one in this world is a happy man” This poet laments the suffering that is at the essence of courtly love.

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