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By Angie Sage

What is lurking within the basement? Araminta thinks anything terrible is hiding within the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House—could it's a werewolf? Then Max, Uncle Drac's creepy nephew, arrives and Araminta is bound he is as much as no reliable. Araminta comes up with a plan to determine what Max is up to—and additionally to catch the werewolf. yet will it paintings?

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At the top is a dusty old velvet curtain, which is inhabited by some fierce moths that do not like being disturbed and dive-bomb your head, so it is best to squeeze through the curtain very slowly and carefully. Once you are in the turret you have to walk around the edge because there is a big hole in the middle of the floor where a bathtub fell through. Aunt Tabby used to keep lots of old bathtubs in the turret, but she made Barry help her take them all out after that. -31- Anyway, as I carefully walked around the edge of the turret I was really happy to see a bright flash of lightning.

I turned the key and went inside. -3- LIGHTNING T here are lots of turrets in Spookie House, but the best one to watch thunderstorms from is the haunted turret. Well, I’ve never seen a ghost there and I have spent many hours looking. But it is the tallest turret and is so high in the sky that you feel as though you are right in the middle of the storm. It is very exciting. -30- After you push open the little door with the weird creak that goes “Eeh-aaaah . . ooooh,” you climb up some rickety, cobwebby stairs, but you must not step on the third stair or the seventh because they are rotten because of some very big woodworms who live there.

No one said a word. Aunt Tabby sat glaring at the end of the table while Uncle Drac’s mother was busy eyeballing her in the kind of way that Aunt Tabby sometimes eyeballs me. Close up I could see that you could not mistake Uncle Drac’s mother for anyone else in a million years. She looked just like him. She had the same square, pale face and the same brilliant pointy teeth that just showed over the corners of her mouth—but she did not smile like Uncle Drac. She glowered. So did the double-headed ferret.

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