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By Rebecca Layton

Arab-American and Muslim Writers discusses the authors from this wealthy background that experience made lasting contributions to the yankee literary panorama. Authors reminiscent of Claire Messud, Mohja Kahf, Samuel Hazo, Malcolm X, Amiri Baraka, and Kahlil Gibran are one of many profiled during this new supplying, which additionally covers the now-canonical works often assigned in school rooms this present day.

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Poetry has the ability to communicate the abstract, the unspoken, that which is difficult to express or phrase, and in doing so, it becomes essentially timeless and immortal. Poets still speak of the basic human emotions that individuals struggle to express. In “The World That Waits in Words,” Hazo returns again to the comforting and healing or restorative powers of the written word: Deafened and dulled by the dead words of the living, I read the living words of the dead .............. I learn from them what lovers learn from love but find impossible to say.

It could be the USAF in Puerto Rico, it could be the later Greenwich Village skirmishes, the Black Liberation Movement, or the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement (we used to call it). ” His hometown of Newark holds a central place in these stories, and through it he tracks the trajectory of black nationalist politics during the peak years of the 1970s. In the story “New & Old,” the infighting among the black nationalists is shown in a satirical light. The revolutionaries seem to have either become powerhungry insiders or have lost their direction and can no longer function: “Simba got worse, from the strain of revolutionary struggle.

In this poem, the act of sailing together toward the horizon, where “nothing but the sun stands still,” is what endures: We share the sweeter alphabets of laughter and the slower languages of pain. Common as coal, we find in one another’s eyes the quiet diamonds that are worth the world. Drawn by the song of our keel, what are we but horizons coming true? ” In this metaphor, the sailor’s faith in his boat is what keeps the couple’s love steady and true. In another poem about marriage, “How Married People Argue,” there is a more pragmatic view of love presented.

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