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In 2009, he was one of the celebrity competitors on the television show Dancing with the Stars. “I just thought it would be something different and unusual to do,” said Wozniak, who admitted he had never danced before. ” Michael Spindler, who had started his career with Apple in 1980 as the marketing manager for the European arm of the company, had earned that nickname both b u i l t f o r s u c c e s s page 30 for his large physical stature and his work ethic. Spindler was known for working around the clock in order to solve a problem or meet a goal.

Although he didn’t accept the title, Jobs agreed to increase his involvement in the company until a new CEO was found. One of Jobs’s first moves upon his return was to ask several longtime board members to resign—including Markkula, who had been the one constant within the company since its beginning. Even more surprising, however, was Jobs’s announcement that Apple had agreed to work cooperatively with Microsoft on software development. Jobs scolded the crowd at the Macworld Expo in Boston for booing the news.

Things got worse in 1995, when Apple’s PowerBook 5300, the first laptop with a PowerPC processer, literally exploded. Just after Apple had shipped out the first 1,000 PowerBook 5300s to excited dealers, 2 units caught fire—one at an Apple programmer’s house and the other at a factory in Singapore. The notebooks were powered by lithium-ion batteries, which had overheated while charging and exploded. Apple quickly issued a recall, but its reputation was already badly burned. So was Spindler’s. In 1996, he was fired and replaced with board member Gilbert Amelio, who held 16 electronic and technological patents and a PhD in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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