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By Mical Schneider

To flee the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, twelve-year-old Annie and her brother to migrate to manhattan urban the place they sign up for their older sister as servants, getting cash to convey the remainder of their relations to the United States, the place they notice that either nutrients and hardships abound.

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On the pier below the ship, a wagon careened to stop and a large man jumped to the ground. ” the man called up. ” “Día dhuit,” Ellen called back. ” 41 Ellen shouted down. ” She waved a temporary good-bye and was off to find William. Dan Hennessy mopped his broad, red face with his handkerchief, rubbed his horse’s neck, and said some­ thing in her ear. The horse nuzzled against his pockets, and the cart man pulled out a lump of sugar. The fresh sunflowers twined in the horse’s hat danced in the sum­ mer air.

When all but the last shilling was spent, she held up her hand. ” the cook asked. “Yes,” Annie said. She was close to tears, but she wouldn’t cry, and she wouldn’t let him take all her money. “Good,” said the cook. He locked the water barrel. 35 “Remember, your brother was sick, and I gave you your ration early. Mention the shillings to anyone, and I’ll have you hauled before the captain. ” He leaned close, his sweaty, whiskey smell making her dizzy, and smacked a wet kiss on her cheek. Furious, Annie rubbed the back of her hand on her cheek until her face burned.

She was glad for the O’Sheas, and she wished even harder that Bridget would wave to her from the bustle below. This wharf seemed busier and more confusing than the pier in Galway. Delivery wagons raced in front of cabs. Men with wheelbarrows blocked carriages, and horse drawn two-wheeled sleds backed up to loading ramps. In the morning heat, a line of shirtless along­ shoremen chanted to the lift and heave of the bales they loaded onto waiting carts. Sheltered under silk parasols, two women, each on a husband’s arm, met in surprised reunion, and their eager voices drifted lightly up to Annie.

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