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Competition describes a situation in which populations of two species utilize a resource that is in short supply. The Lotka-Volterra models of the 28 Population Dynamics population dynamics of competition show that there are two possible results: either the two competing species are able to coexist, or one species drives the other to extinction. These models have been tested thoroughly in the laboratory, often with competing yeasts or grain beetles. coexist to both be present Many examples of competitive elimination were observed in lab experiments.

These changes all led to a gradual reduction in smoke pollution during the last half of the twentieth century. However, a new type of air pollution, smog, became a problem beginning in the 1940s. Smog is not the same as smoke pollution, although this was not immediately apparent. When Los Angeles had its first major smog attack, it became obvious that some phenomenon other than smoke was responsible. Los Angeles did not burn coal or oil to generate heat or electricity, yet its smog problem worsened.

Rock squirrels in an area without the necessary physical habitat would be unable to successfully raise young to replenish the next generation. Climate variables can also affect carrying capacity. If normal weather conditions change significantly over a period of time, certain plant species may not survive. Animals living on those plants will also perish. Pollution may also prevent populations from surviving; water and food may become toxic and make the environment unsuitable for existing populations.

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