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By Peter J. Chenoweth, Steven Lorton

This publication comprises 19 chapters that debate theoretical and utilized andrology for household, zoo and wild animals. themes comprise semen and its ingredients; sperm creation and harvest; determinants of sperm morphology; sperm training for fertilization; sensible facets of semen cryopreservation; evaluate of semen within the andrology laboratory; genetic features of male replica; rising concepts and destiny improvement of semen review and dealing with and utilized andrology in cats, canines, fowls, turkeys, sheep, goats, cervids, horses, farm animals, zebu, buffaloes, pigs, camelids, zoo animals and wild animals. will probably be of use for these educating animal body structure at a tertiary point and a reference for these drawn to male animal reproductive review, functionality and in semen evaluate, dealing with and use for man made breeding. to be had In Print

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Fort Collins. Pickett BW, Sullivan JJ and Seidel, GE Jr (1975) Reproductive physiology of the stallion. V. Effect of frequency of ejaculation on seminal characteristics and spermatozoal output Journal of Animal Science 40 917–923. Price EO (1985) Sexual behavior of large domestic farm animals: an overview Journal of Animal Science 61(Supplement 3) 62–74. Ritar AJ, Mendoza G, Salamon S and White IG (1992) Frequent semen collection and sperm reserves of the male Angora goat (Capra hircus) Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 95 97–102.

For example, if the nuclei of the spherical spermatids occupied 10% of the tissue, one would expect these nuclei to be ‘hit’ 10% of the time. With these data, the total volume of the nuclei of each type of germ cell can be determined as the product of its volume density and the total testicular parenchymal volume. By dividing the total volume of these nuclei by the volume of a single nucleus, an estimate is obtained of the total number of cells of each type. The volume of spherical nuclei is usually determined by entering nuclear diameter into the equation for calculating the volume of a sphere.

This would be analogous to the collection of several successive ejaculates from a male after sexual rest. Each ejaculate would reduce the number of residual sperm within the EGR. Ultimately, if water continued to be drawn from a reservoir at a rate exceeding its rate of replenishment, the reservoir would be depleted. At that point, the rate at which additional water could be drawn would be limited by and equal to its rate of replenishment. Similarly, if a male continues to ejaculate at a high frequency, the EGR will ultimately be depleted.

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