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The father-in-law, wanting to do something for his son-in-law, suggested that they drive 53 miles on a hot and dusty day to Abilene, in Texas, in the USA, in order to have a meal together. The son-in-law, in order to please his father-in-law (who ‘‘obviously’’ wanted to go to Abilene), agreed that this was a good idea, although he privately did not want to make the journey. Subsequently, when told what the two men were proposing, the two women agreed that a trip to Abilene for a meal would be a nice outing.

Thus you may hear stories about what the organisation did in economic hard times that support the current beliefs about the sacrifices that staff are expected to make when economic problems arise again. Perhaps the organisation chooses to cut salaries rather than to reduce the level of staffing and research and development (R&D), because there is a shared belief that a loyal staff is a key to success in that industry, and a shared belief that it is a strong R&D basis that ensures the future products and services that will sustain the organisation in the future.

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