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Siddhiriti S. 100 ... ayogiparamärtha\:l S. 101 näiva paramärthata1;l S. 102 ... ikädvinivartamänamidarp S. ikatva S. 104 S has an obvious error in this sentence. atp. yadbodhänmuktiri~yate. abhai1gai). 23) iti krtiriyatp. 107 prakrteQ S. S adds the following; vipak~e bädhanäddhetoQ sädhyätmatvam prasidhyati. tat siddhau dvividhä vyäptisiddhiraträbhidhiyate. iti väidharmyadrHänte vyatirekarüpavyäptyä k~aJ;labhaIigasiddhiQ samäptä. krtiriyatp mahäpaJ;lc;litaratnakirtipädänäm. 107 Omitted in S. 4) Pervasion involving contraposed premisses 1 is characterized by implicit reference to the [corresponding]2 direct (or positive)3 form.

Vyatirekam. sattvasya. na pürvo vika/pah. uktakramefJll. 29) Nor does the second [hold], since the meaning of the word 'negation' is that the denial of the pervadendum 83 is entailed by the denial of the pervader. 84 And if that [denial of the pervader] results from perception, then there will be areal reason. Hence the reality [of a nonmomentary] entity will be uncertain. The nonperception of a pervader will be inconclusive because the nature of the reason will be incompatible with the supposed locus.

Arthakriyäpek~ayä ca kevalapratitirevärthakriyä'yoga 53_pratItiriti vyäpakänupalambhäntarädasya na kascidvise~al:1. ike vastuni 54 vyäpakäbhäväd vyäpyäbhävasiddhivyavahäral:1. adhyavasäyasca samanantarapratyayabalädäyätäkära 55-vise~ayogädagrhite 'pi pravartanasaktirbodhyavyal:1. 56 Idrsascädhyavasäyo 'smacciträdvaitasiddhau nirvähital:1. sa cävisarpvädi vyavahäral:1 parihartumasakyal:1. yad vyäpakasünyarp tadvyäpyasünyamiti. a pratipädanät. i tathä 'vastubhüte 'piti ko vise~al:1. 27) tathähyekajiiänasarpsargyatra vikalpya 57 eva.

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