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This monograph offers with approximation and noise cancellation of dynamical structures which come with linear and nonlinear input/output relationships. It additionally take care of approximation and noise cancellation of 2 dimensional arrays. it will likely be of certain curiosity to researchers, engineers and graduate scholars who've really expert in filtering concept and procedure conception and electronic photographs. This monograph consists of 2 components. half I and half II will care for approximation and noise cancellation of dynamical platforms or electronic photographs respectively. From noiseless or noisy information, aid can be made. a style which reduces version info or noise was once proposed within the reference vol. 376 in LNCIS [Hasegawa, 2008]. utilizing this system will let version description to be taken care of as noise aid or version relief with no need to trouble, for instance, with fixing many partial differential equations. This monograph will suggest a brand new and straightforward procedure which produces an identical effects because the strategy handled within the reference. As facts of its useful impact, this monograph presents a brand new legislations within the experience of numerical experiments. the recent and simple approach is performed utilizing the algebraic calculations with out fixing partial differential equations. For our goal, many genuine examples of version info and noise aid may also be provided.

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2) After determining the number n of dimensions which is 3, we will continue the noisy realization algorithm by the algebraic CLS method. Therefore, the modified impulse response I(0) of a linear system obtained by the algebraic CLS method is realized by a 3-dimensional linear system σc = ((R3 , Fc ), e1 , hc ). 4]. 4 We can show that the algorithm for noisy realization given by the analytic CLS method in the reference [Hasegawa, 2008] produces the same systems as the above one in the sense of the numerical calculation.

13. 12). Then the reachable standard system σs = ((Rn , Fs ), e1 , hs ) which realizes the input response map a is obtained by the following procedure: 1) Select the linearly independent vectors {Sli a; 0 ≤ i ≤ n − 1} from the set {Sli a; i ∈ N }. 2) Let the state be e1 , where e1 = [1, 0, · · · , 0]T ∈ Rn . 3) Let the output map hs be hs = [a(1 ), a(1), a(0|1), · · · , a(0|0| · · · |0|1)]. 9) for Sln a = ni=1 αi Sli−1 a. 3 Partial Realization Theory of Linear Systems In this section, we consider a partial realization problem of linear systems.

1 h = [15, 7, −10, 1], g = [1, 0, 0, 0]T . 03 obtained by the square root of HaT (5,50) Ha (5,50) is small, the approximate linear system obtained by the algebraic CLS method may be somewhat good. 2) After determining the number n of dimensions which is 3, we execute the algebraic algorithm for approximate realization. 6], g1 = [1, 0, 0]T . 81 30 3 Algebraically Approximate and Noisy Realization of Linear Systems Fig. 2 ⎦ , h2 = [15, 7, −10, 1]. 1 In this case, the system σ2 completely represents the original system.

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