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By Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters

Kaufmann and Schwitters have equipped this text's popularity on transparent and concise exposition, various examples, and considerable challenge units. This conventional textual content constantly reinforces the subsequent universal thread: research a ability; perform the ability to assist clear up equations; after which follow what you may have discovered to resolve program difficulties. this easy, hassle-free strategy has helped many scholars take hold of and observe primary challenge fixing talents worthy for destiny arithmetic classes. Algebraic principles are constructed in a logical series, and in an easy-to-read demeanour, with no over the top vocabulary and formalism. The open and uncluttered layout is helping preserve scholars curious about the techniques whereas minimizing distractions. difficulties and examples reference a large variety of subject matters, in addition to profession components akin to electronics, mechanics, and health and wellbeing, displaying scholars that arithmetic is a part of way of life. The text's source package--anchored via improved WebAssign, a web homework administration tool--saves teachers time whereas additionally offering extra support and skill-building perform for college kids outdoors of sophistication.

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Division of Real Numbers 1. The quotient of two positive or two negative real numbers is the quotient of their absolute values. 2. The quotient of a positive real number and a negative real number or of a negative real number and a positive real number is the opposite of the quotient of their absolute values. 3. The quotient of zero and any nonzero real number is zero. 4. The quotient of any nonzero real number and zero is undefined. The following example illustrates this description of division.

10. Addition is a commutative operation. Subtraction is a commutative operation. Zero is the identity element for addition. The multiplicative inverse of 0 is 0. The numerical expression (Ϫ25)(Ϫ16)(Ϫ4) simplifies to Ϫ1600. The numerical expression 82(8) ϩ 82(2) simplifies to 820. Exponents are used to indicate repeated additions. The numerical expression 65(72) ϩ 35(72) simplifies to 4900. In the expression (Ϫ4)3, the base is 4. In the expression Ϫ43, the base is 4. 3 For Problems 1–14, state the property that justifies each of the statements.

In other words, the quotient of two numbers can be found by looking at a related multiplication problem. In the following examples, we used this same reasoning to determine some quotients that involve integers. 6 ϭ Ϫ3 because (Ϫ2)(Ϫ3) ϭ 6 Ϫ2 Ϫ12 ϭ Ϫ4 because (3)(Ϫ4) ϭ Ϫ12 3 Ϫ18 ϭ 9 because (Ϫ2)(9) ϭ Ϫ18 Ϫ2 0 ϭ 0 because (Ϫ5)(0) ϭ 0 Ϫ5 Ϫ8 is undefined Remember that division by zero is undefined! 0 A precise description for division of real numbers follows. Division of Real Numbers 1. The quotient of two positive or two negative real numbers is the quotient of their absolute values.

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