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By Andrej Bauer, Matija Pretnar (auth.), Reiko Heckel, Stefan Milius (eds.)

This booklet constitutes the refereed lawsuits of the fifth overseas convention on Algebra and Coalgebra in desktop technological know-how, CALCO 2013, held in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2013. The 18 complete papers offered including four invited talks have been conscientiously reviewed and chosen from 33 submissions. The papers hide subject matters within the fields of summary types and logics, really expert versions and calculi, algebraic and coalgebraic semantics, process specification and verification, in addition to corecursion in programming languages, and algebra and coalgebra in quantum computing. The ebook additionally comprises 6 papers from the CALCO instruments Workshop, co-located with CALCO 2013 and devoted to instruments in line with algebraic and/or coalgebraic principles.

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From a fibrational perspective, this amounts to the restriction to the split cartesian fragment Fam |C| of the fibration π : Fam C → Set, for C an arbitrary category. This observation is crucial for the interpretation of IR codes as functors. Indeed, given a type D, which we think as the discrete (possibly large) set of its terms, we interpret IR codes as functors Fam D → Fam D. Theorem 4 (IR functors). Let D : type. Every code γ : IR(D) induces a functor γ : Fam D → Fam D Positive Inductive-Recursive Definitions 23 Proof.

E. to only consider those morphisms in Fam C which represent strict reindexing. In this paper we remove this constraint and hence explore a further generalization of IR, orthogonal to the one proposed in Ghani et al. [15]. We investigate the necessary changes of IR needed to provide a class of codes which can be interpreted as functors Fam C → Fam C. This leads us to consider a new variation IR+ of inductive-recursive definitions which we call positive inductive-recursive definitions. The most substantial aspect of this Positive Inductive-Recursive Definitions 21 new theory is that in order to define these new codes, one needs also to define the morphisms between those codes.

Springer, Heidelberg (2006) Exploiting Algebraic Laws to Improve Mechanized Axiomatizations Luca Aceto1 , Eugen-Ioan Goriac1 , Anna Ingolfsdottir1, Mohammad Reza Mousavi2 , and Michel A. O. Box 513, NL-5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands Abstract. In the field of structural operational semantics (SOS), there have been several proposals both for syntactic rule formats guaranteeing the validity of algebraic laws, and for algorithms for automatically generating ground-complete axiomatizations. However, there has been no synergy between these two types of results.

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