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By William C. Robertson

Through William C. Robertson, Ph.D. Make earth technology instructing a as a rule sunny adventure with this best-selling job advisor! simple houses of air and water are truly and safely defined and are followed via drawings and hands-on actions utilizing available fabrics. those ideas then develop into the basis for illustrating climate styles together with the jet circulation, typhoon fronts, tornadoes, and hurricanes. 134 pages. Paperback. Grades 3-8.

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Now get a cork, a Styrofoam ball, a ball of modeling clay, and a small rock. Drop each of these into a glass of water and see what happens. Of course, you probably know what will happen before you start. The cork and Styrofoam ball will float and the rock and ball of modeling clay will sink. Can you figure out why? Next get two different colors of food coloring, some very hot water, and some very cold water. Put one color of food coloring in the hot water and the other color in the cold water. Pour the hot and cold water into a new, empty, clean glass and observe.

Blow between the cans and see what happens. All of these activities are related, so why not move on to the next section and figure out what’s going on? 14 More science stuff Before getting to an explanation, let’s agree on what happened in those activities. The sheet of paper should have moved upward when you blew across the top, the paper tent should have collapsed when you blew through the center, and the two aluminum cans should have come together when you blew between them. If those things didn’t happen, refer back to the drawings and try again.

Begin blowing and then remove your hand so you’re no longer holding the Ping-Pong ball in the funnel. 30 As long as you keep blowing, the ball should remain where it is. 30 shows what’s going on. When you blow through the funnel, the fastmoving air that goes around the PingPong ball creates a low-pressure area. The resulting difference in high and low air pressure keeps the ball in the funnel, whether you’re trying to blow the ball out upward or downward. Prairie dogs know all about the Bernoulli Effect.

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