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In each set of experiments 7 animals were used. In conclusion, this Alzheimer’s model, likely to other models, in animals produced memory deficit, worsening in behavioural performance and failing discrimination in novel object; moreover, changes in the architecture of EEG is also generated, such a significant increase in EEG theta power. , 2004, 2006, 2008]. The deficit in attention, learning and memory, highlighted in this experimental AD, shows a close correlation between changes in cortex-hippocampus neuronal network and novelty recognition of objects.

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Aging 1994; 15: 85-90. Prickaerts J, de Vente J, Honig W, Steinbusch HW, Blokland A. cGMP, but not cAMP, in rat hippocampus is involved in early stages of object memory consolidation. Eur. J Pharmacol. 2002; 436: 83-7. Rasmusson DD, Clow K, Szerb JC. Modification of neocortical acetylcholine release and electroencephalogram desynchronization due to brainstem stimulation by drugs applied to the basal forebrain. Neuroscience 1994; 60: 665-77. Rispoli V, Rotiroti D, Carelli V, Liberatore F, Scipione L, Marra R, Tortorella S, Di Rienzo B.

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