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Deviant children grown up. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1966. Rose, R. J. Preliminary study o f three indicants of arousal: Measurement, interrelationships, and clinical correlates. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University o f Minnesota, 1964. Ruilmann, C. J. & Gulo, M. J. Investigation of autonomic responses in psychopathic personalities. Southern Medical Journal, 1950, 43, 953-56. Schachter, S. & Latane' Β. Crime, cognition and the autonomic nervous system. In M. R. ), Nebraska symposium on motivation.

Thus far, the evidence for differences between psychopaths and normal persons is not very impressive. However, when classical conditioning and avoidance learning studies are considered, more consistent differences do become apparent. Because of their importance to several theories of psychopathy, these studies will be discussed in somewhat more detail. Classical conditioning. The published research has been confined to eyeblink and electrodermal (GSR) conditioning. With respect to the former, and using a simple conditioning paradigm (only one CS), Miller (1966) found that psychopathic criminals were not significantly inferior to neurotic criminals and noncriminals in the acquisition of a conditioned eyeblink.

J. Verbal conditioning performance o f psychopaths and nonpsychopaths under verbal reward and punishment. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, State University o f Iowa, 1960. Brown, J. S. & Farber, I. E. Secondary motivational systems. In P. R. ), Annual Review of Psychology. Vol. 19, Palo Alto: Annual Review, 1968. Pp. 99-134. Bryan, J. H. & Kapche, R. Psychopathy and verbal conditioning. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1967, 72, 71-73. Cleckley, H. The mask of sanity. ) St. : Mosby, 1964. Craddick, R.

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