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By Vicki Hearne

Have you ever watched a horse flick her tail or had a puppy greet you at your door and identified on your middle that the animal used to be showing anything greater than uncomplicated instinctual responses? if this is the case, you want to learn this e-book. In it Vicki Hearne asserts that animals that have interaction with people are extra clever than we imagine. in truth, they're able to constructing an knowing of “the good,” an ethical code that impacts their factors and activities. Hearne’s thorough reviews led her to undertake a brand new process of animal education that contradicts sleek animal behavioral study, but—as her examples show—is astonishingly powerful. Hearne’s theories will make each coach, animal psychologist, and animal-lover cease, imagine, and question.

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The stories about Lucy and Nim Chimsky are stories about the ultimate unworkability of living with chimpanzees. Also, they tend to be clogged with more or less freudian (I don't mean that they sound as though Freud had written them-very little that is "freudian" does) analyses that, for me, make the most sentimental of stories in the tradition of Lassie Come Home seem like rooms full of intellectual freedom, light and air. They certainly have nothing of the serious trainer's philosophical toughness about them.

Such stories are repeated over and over, not only in fiction, but in the lives of the people who tell them. The dog who is brought to Rudd Weatherwax because he's "wild and uncontrollable" becomes the film star Lassie. ) The dog a desperate owner offers to Bill and Dick Koehler because he "bites everybody" becomes Duke, the spectacularly cooperative star of such films as The Swiss Family Robinson and later has the courage and nobility required to take it on himself to run interference between homicidal Brahma bulls and their fallen riders.

We prefer to learn philosophy from someone who loves philosophy. Love is not blind. But the animal trainer may be told that, because s/he hangs around the animals so much, the infection 34 ADAM'S TASK. of sentimentality has set in, with the implication that familiarity and love breed ignorance. This is a difficulty we all face from time to time, and we may in fact invest ourselves in our subjects in ways that can lead to certain sorts of errors. Nonetheless, we trust the CPA who loves figures more than the one who hates them, while the trainer's love is occasion to doubt his or her account of what's going on.

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