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Die Abenteuer des Jonathan Gullible - Eine marktwirtschaftliche Odyssee

Der junge Jonathan Gullible wird mit seinem Segelboot von einem schweren Sturm an das Ufer einer fremden Insel gespült. Zunächst überwältigt von der Schönheit der Insel muss er rasch feststellen, dass seine Begegnungen mit den seltsamen Bewohnern und ihren befremdlichen Angewohnheiten ein aufregendes und nicht ganz ungefährliches Abenteuer sind.

Conversazioni in Galiziano La routine quotidiana in Galiziano

Conversazioni in Galiziano: los angeles regimen quotidiana in Galiziano (Galician version) Questo manuale contiene un nuovo metodo in line with padroneggiare lessico e verbi all’interno di un contesto. Se stai avendo difficoltà advert esprimerti in Galiziano, questo manuale fa consistent with te! Un metodo innovativo in keeping with imparare e fare esercizio con termini e verbi in Galiziano.

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Jane Goodall’s commitment to the animal world is expressed in her words, “Only when we understand can we care. Only when we care can we help. ” You can learn more about joining in her efforts to protect endangered wildlife by contacting The Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education, and Conservation, 1601 W. Anklam Road, Tucson, Arizona 85745.

28 ¸ Chimpanzees in Captivity The first chimpanzees were brought to Europe from Africa in the middle of the seventeenth century. People were amazed by these humanlike creatures. They dressed them up and taught them tricks. Since then we have treated chimpanzees like slaves, sending them to zoos, selling them for pets, training them to perform in the circus and movies. Some chimps became famous. J. Fred Muggs starred in TV’s Today Show for years and was known by millions of viewers. And a young male called Ham became the first American astronaut.

In some places they are killed for food. In most countries they are illegally hunted for sale to animal dealers who send them to zoos, circuses, or laboratories, or sell them as pets. The dealers only want young chimps—the adults are too big and dangerous to handle. So the hunters usually shoot the mothers to take away their babies. Often several mothers and even male chimpanzees must be shot in order to capture one baby that is not too badly wounded. Many babies die in the long journey to their final destination.

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