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By Christian Ullrich, Jürgen Wolff von Gudenberg

The most important objectives of the ESPRIT venture 1072, DIAMOND (Development and Integration of exact Mathematical Operations in Numerical Data-Processing), have been to increase a collection of exact numerical algorithms (work package deal three) and to supply instruments to aid their implementation through embedding actual mathematics into programming languages (work package deal 1) and by way of transformation suggestions which both enhance the accuracy of expression overview or notice and get rid of presumable deficiencies in accuracy in latest courses (work package deal 2). the current quantity typically summarizes the result of paintings package deal 2. It includes examine papers in regards to the improvement and the implementation of self-validating algorithms which instantly be certain the result of a numerical computation. Algorithms for the answer of eigenvalue/eigenvector difficulties, linear structures for sparse matrices, nonlinear structures and quadrature difficulties, in addition to computation of zeros of a fancy polynomial are offered. The algorithms regularly carry assured effects, i.e. the genuine result's enclosed into sharp bounds.

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