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By David R. Finston, Patrick J. Morandi

This textual content seeks to generate curiosity in summary algebra via introducing every one new constitution and subject through a real-world program. The down-to-earth presentation is on the market to a readership without past wisdom of summary algebra. scholars are resulted in algebraic thoughts and questions in a typical manner via their daily reports.

Applications include:

  • Identification numbers and modular arithmetic
  • (linear) error-correcting codes, together with cyclic codes
  • ruler and compass constructions
  • cryptography
  • symmetry of styles within the genuine aircraft

Abstract Algebra: constitution and Application is appropriate as a textual content for a primary path on summary algebra whose major goal is to generate curiosity within the topic or as a supplementary textual content for extra complex classes. the cloth paves how you can next classes that additional enhance the idea of summary algebra and may attract scholars of arithmetic, arithmetic schooling, computing device technological know-how, and engineering attracted to purposes of algebraic concepts.

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Example text

Reading these four problems backwards yields the decoding procedure discussed in this section. References 1. Hankerson DC et al (2000) Coding theory and cryptography: the essentials, 2nd edn. Marcel Dekker, New York 2. Herstein I (1975) Topics in algebra, 2nd edn. Wiley, Hoboken 3. Talbot J, Welsh D (2006) Complexity and cryptography: an introduction. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Chapter 3 Rings and Fields We are all familiar with the natural, rational, real, and complex number systems and their arithmetic, but other mathematical systems exhibit similar arithmetic properties.

So C is t-error correcting if for every codeword v and every word u whose weight is at most t, then v is the unique closest codeword to v C u. If C is a t-error correcting code, then we say that C corrects t errors. Thus one way of interpreting the definition is that if v is a codeword, and if w is obtained from v by changing at most t entries of v, then v is the unique closest codeword to w. Therefore, by MLD decoding, w will be decoded as v. 5. The code C D f000000; 111000; 000111g is 1-error correcting.

14. Consider the matrix 0 1 B1 ADB @0 0 100 010 111 001 1 10 0 1C C: 1 0A 01 30 2 Error Correcting Codes To reduce this matrix, we can do the following steps. 0 1 B1 B @0 0 10 01 11 11 0 1 0 1 101 110010 010 B0 1 1 B0 1 1 0 1 1C 0 0 1C B C C H) B @ 0 1 1 1 1 0 A H) @ 0 1 1 1 1 0A 011 011011 011 0 0 1 101001 101 B0 1 1 0 1 1C B0 1 1 B C H) B @ 0 0 0 1 0 1 A H) @ 0 0 0 011011 000 00 01 11 01 00 01 10 00 1 1 1C C 0A 1 1 1 1C C: 1A 0 The rank of A is equal to 3. We now illustrate how the row reduced echelon form yields the solution of the systems of equations giving rise to the matrices in the previous examples.

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