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By Deborah Todd, Joseph A. Angelo

This reference for common readers and scholars in highschool and up compiles biographies of approximately a hundred thirty scientists in house and astronomy, from antiquity to the current. each one access offers beginning and loss of life dates and data on fields of specialization, and examines the scientist's paintings and contributions to the sphere, in addition to kinfolk and academic historical past. approximately 50 b&w pictures are incorporated. Entries are listed via box, kingdom of delivery, and nation of clinical task, and chronologically. Todd is a contract author. Angelo is a retired lieutenant colonel with the united states Air strength.

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Aratus of Soli was not an astronomer or a scientist as we would classify these roles today, but his contribution to astronomy was one of the greatest from ancient times, and had an impact on the works of Hipparchus and, eventually, PTOLEMY, centuries later. Aratus was a Stoic who lived at the court of the Stoic king, Antigonus Gonatus of Macedonia. , Aratus wrote the poem Phaenomena, which explained the work of Eudoxus, not in detailed mathematical terms, but rather in simple verse, making the information more accessible to everyone.

Most of Aristotle’s writings published during his lifetime are lost. Only quoted fragments remain in the work of others. The writings that do exist from Aristotle consist of his lecture notes from courses at the Lyceum, more than 2,000 pages, although it is generally believed that at least some of this material has been added Arrhenius, Svante August 27 to by other teachers, students, and translators over the centuries. In 323 Alexander the Great died, and politics again caused Aristotle to leave Athens.

In 1850 experimentation could finally begin, but Arago’s age and failing eyesight meant that his colleagues Léon Foucault and Hippolyte Fizeau would have to carry out the work. Based on his specifications, the two proved his theory of light, in which the velocity of light decreases as it passes through a denser medium. Arago died shortly thereafter. During his lifetime, Arago became a political figure campaigning for liberal reform in the French government. He was appointed as minister of war and marine, and is credited for eliminating slavery throughout the colonies.

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