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By Martin Garrett

This booklet covers the lifestyles and paintings of quite a lot of writers from Coleridge to Wollstonecraft, Hemans, Beckford and their contemporaries. additionally encompassing a wealth of fabric on contexts from the treason trials of 1794 to the arrival of gas-light to the London level in 1817, it presents a landscape of 1 of the richest classes in British tradition.

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Distribution of Cheap Repository Tracts begins. The scheme is organized, and many of the tracts written, by More and her sisters. April 5 France makes peace with Prussia and then on 16 May with the Batavian Republic (proclaimed in Amsterdam in January) and on 22 June with Spain. 8 The Prince of Wales marries Princess Caroline of Brunswick (1768–1821). ) They separate in 1796. 12 Wollstonecraft, a few days after leaving France, arrives in London, hoping to be reunited with Imlay. In May, depressed at his infidelity, she attempts suicide.

February 2 Mary Robinson’s novel Vancenza; or, The Dangers of Credulityy is published by Joseph Bell in two volumes. It reaches a fifth edition in 1794. 16 Publication of The Rights of Man; Part the Second, Combining Principle and Practice. S. Jordan for printing it. 18 Holcroft’s The Road to Ruin is at Covent Garden, the first of 37 performances this season. 23 Death of Sir Joshua Reynolds at 47 Leicester Square, London. He has been President of the Royal Academy (the first) since 1768. The last of his Discourses was delivered in 1790.

April 16 Wild Oats by John O’Keeffe (1747–1833) opens at Covent Garden.  … on the subject. At his next 38 A Romantics Chronology, 1780–1832 attempt, on 3 April 1792, a motion for ‘gradual’ abolition is passed instead. Further motions are defeated each year between 1796 and 1799 and, at second reading, in 1805. Following the defeat of the 1791 bill abolitionists call for a boycott on sugar from the West Indies. 27 Date on which Burns may have completed the first volume of the Glenriddell Manuscript for presentation to his friend Robert Riddell of Glenriddell (1755–94).

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