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By Robert Albritton

A detailing of the results of Kozo Uno's political and monetary thought. attempts to provide an explanation for the humanistic power of Marxist thought.

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The reason is that the exchange is being proposed by an incipient capitalist and not by a consumer. The elementary value-form must be a form that can dialectically generate the capital-form. Since 'bales of cotton' and 'ingots of iron' are not normally commodities for immediate consumption, my usage makes it clearer that we are dealing with merchant traders or embryonic capitalists and not consumers bartering excess goods. The elementary form of value is a unilateral expression of the value of cotton by the cotton owner in terms of iron.

This does not mean that the law of value cannot serve to inform this analysis. But to say that the law of value directly reflects class struggle or vice versa must either undermine the necessity of the law of value or undermine the subjective factor that is essential to class struggle. The recent debate between Thompson and Althusser is one example of the kind of controversy generated by Marx's failure to arrive at a more determinate conceptualization of the relation between class struggle and the law of value.

Thus pure theory looks at what variations in the length of the working day mean to the law of value without going into the conjunctural determinants of a working day of a certain length. Pure theory can certainly take note of the fact that class struggle is likely to play an important role in the historical determination of a working day of a particular length, but it does not step outside its level of analysis to carry out the historical analysis of such struggles without being very explicit about moving from one to another level of analysis.

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