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It really is renowned that the classical series areas co and Ip (1 <= p <) have, as much as equivalence, only one symmetric foundation. nevertheless, there are examplesof Orlicz series areas that have uncountably many together nonequivalentsymmetric bases. hence in [4], p. a hundred thirty, the query is requested whetherthere is a Banach area with, as much as equivalence, multiple symmetric basis,but no longer uncountably many. during this paper we resolution the query absolutely, byexhibiting a Banach area with, as much as equivalence, accurately symmetricbases.

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24. Coupland, Microserfs, 355. 25. Coupland, Microserfs, 3. 26. Gilbert-Rolfe, Beauty and the Contemporary Sublime, 118. 27. Gilbert-Rolfe, Beauty and the Contemporary Sublime, 80. 28. Gilbert-Rolfe, Beauty and the Contemporary Sublime, 113. Spectrality and the Postregional Interface | 29 29. In addition to Coupland’s trademark popular-culture allusions (including the use of brand-name products), the novel’s many references to games and its plot’s overall stress on the competition for investments, hightech employees, and ownership of intellectual property indirectly register another contemporary sociocultural and economic context.

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