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By Goytisolo, Juan; Goytisolo, Luis; DeWeese, Pamela J

Luis Goytisolo’s novel, 360º Diary, constitutes a mirrored image at the act of creativity. the radical is within the kind of a diary that starts off at the author’s birthday and concludes one (lunar) yr later. on a daily basis of the week is pointed out with a topic resembling the seasons; the vast events of historical past; the organic and mental cycles of all dwelling beings; and time itself. the writer of the diary contemplates and acts upon all of the several types of wisdom that experience come jointly in his individual, both via examine, event, or instinct. simply as in his so much famous novel, Antagonía, Goytisolo makes use of 360º Diary to discover the human and the various ways that the person involves recognize and comprehend, in no matter what restricted method, the chances of human life. The totality is a accomplished, 360º view of latest existence through an artist using every little thing he has discovered for you to speak with the reader prepared to stick to him in his reflections and, preferably, use them as a place to begin for his/her personal rules

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And whenever he ends up making a million here or there that he didn’t count on, he will bring it to me so that it can be invested to get the best outcome 360º 27 possible with the least risk. The other day, for example, he came to me with the proceeds of a slave trade operation in the Near East. “Women slaves, you mean. ” “White? No sir. Black men, very black men. ” Sunday, May 9. IMPERCEPTIBLE MOUNTAINS. Contrary to what Natalia had imagined, Dr. Noel didn’t like tea. “For me, tea is a medicine,” he said, “But I would come by for a coffee.

For some reason, he attributed to Mirror ideas very similar to his own, like being in the know concerning a series of antecedents about which he really knew absolutely nothing. The error was possibly the consequence of Mirror’s conciliatory nature, of his tendency to reconcile opinions, to convince his interlocutor that they were basically saying the same thing. Mirror was aware of this tendency, and was conscious of the way in which it could give rise to a multitude of misunderstandings, but he couldn’t do anything to avoid it; it was difficult for him to deal, not only with the controversies, but also the negative impression that he created by holding an opposing opinion.

For example, the impression caused by the visit of some relatives whose family relationship I never understood clearly, not at the time, nor did I bother later to clarify it. The heavy-set man—about whom we had been told that he had high blood sugar— who suddenly appears, maybe just waking up from a nap, looking around, disoriented and pale, his voice hoarse and his hair standing on end, his eyes with bags looking like those of an irritated iguana. Or the supposed cousin that they want us to play with, who, when scolded about something, becomes a bellowing toad, incredibly ugly, running in circles like a wild boar.

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