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By Marc Cesarini, Alice Alfonsi

Final season, CIA agent Jack Bauer, performed by way of Golden Globe award-winning actor Keifer Sutherland, had us glued to our TVs and cursing the time clock as he exposed a plot to assassinate presidential nominee, David Palmer. With simply 24 hours to spot the killer, Bauer additionally needed to care for the abduction of his spouse and daughter and the lifestyles of a mole on the agency.

This season he's at it back, supporting President David Palmer keep l. a. from nuclear ravage.

Lest you think that Jack had a few down time among life-altering reports, try out 24: the home designated Subcommittees Findings at CTU. It's a brand new publication offering a riveting account of Jack's grueling visual appeal earlier than our government's so much inquiring minds in the course of their probe into alleged wrongdoings at CTU that first fateful 24 hour interval. The testimony from those closed hearings was once leaked to investigative journalist Marc Cerasini, who then ran with it to writer HarperCollins.

With the various most interesting reporting noticeable considering Woodward's insurance of the Pentagon Papers, this ebook contains:

- Jack Bauer's entire Grand Jury Testimony
- Press statements from President-elect David Palmer
- Transcribed debriefings with different key CTU agents
- formerly sealed records on Bauer's similar undercover activities
- The arrest, detainment and shipping files for Victor Drazen
- Teri Bauer's scientific records
- post-mortem reports
- crusade finance records
- observation from the Beltway's so much celebrated political pundits
- Theories as to how and why key gamers inside CTU became.

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