Multymodule Training Course

            “Art of Negotiations: practical issues of negotiation process “

Author of the Course is Grigory Rozhkov, Ed.D., Director-General of the Association for development of international cooperation “St Petersburg-London 2003”, co-founder and Chairman of the St Petersburg business club “Great Embassy”, member of the World-Wide St Petersburg Club.

In various periods Dr.G. Rozhkov held positions of the Adviser to the Chairman of the Committee of Economy of St Petersburg Government , Expert of the Russian-British Steering Committee on Trade and Investment, Co-chairman of the Working Group of the Russian-Norwegian Steering Committee for Economic Cooperation, Chairman of the Committee on labor market development and personnel training of the St Petersburg Public Council.

This Course offers to participants complex of practical recommendations and techniques to be effectively used during cross-cultural business communications and negotiations. The Course is based on the author more than 20 years unique experience in running cross-cultural negotiations to implement various international projects. Specific feature of this Course is to demonstrate to participants multicultural peculiarities in communication practice during cross-cultural communications.

This Course and some of the Course Modules were delivered at a number of St Petersburg universities, including FINEC, at the University of Applied Science JAMK, Jyvaskyla, Finland. Communications skills were tested at various personal training at St Petersburg branch of Manpower Co.

Course objectives

- Develop of communications skills that will enable participants to function effectively in various cultural environments;

-Acquire experience to deal at negotiations with cultural differences among Russia and foreign countries;

-Learn skills of working effectively in multi -cultural team;

-Acquire competences important at cross-cultural communications and international careers;

-Interpret correctly behavior and communication styles of people from different cultures, Russians in particular;

Learning outcomes.

This Course is tailored :

- to develop participants competences of cross- cultural business behavior;

-to develop skills needed in dealing with conflict and negotiations that occurs across and between distinct cultural groups (Russians, Europeans and North Americans);

- to familiarize participants with Russian business etiquette and business behavior

Target audience : senior and medial level managers of Russian and international companies, businessmen, professionals in international communications involved mainly in negotiations between with Russian and foreign partners ,post-graduate students in business communication studies

Course Program

Module I

Business Practicum “Cross-cultural communications in business context”

Module I Content ( 10 hours)

This case-study based Business Practicum puts a strong emphasis on practical applications in real world businesses and professional situations. More than 60 real projects in business, culture, international relations and education are presented in this Practicum.

Most of the projects were initiated by the author in the period 1990 -2013 and were implemented with author personal participation in Russia, UK, France, Finland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Israel, Austria, Holland, Poland ,Germany. As examples of cases presented at the Practicum the following could be mentioned:

-technological training in Canada, Germany and Poland for Russian companies-potential partners and suppliers to General Motors

-bringing shares of St Petersburg companies to trade at London Stock Exchange;

-opening St Petersburg business representation office in London;

-Russian –Irish dialogue “ International cooperation of innovative cities”

-arranging exhibitions from St Petersburg art museums and private collection in Finland;

-launch of St Petersburg Information Points in Manchester and Amsterdam;

-Russia-America space project “Russia-America 500”;

-organization in New-York business and culture festival “Salute St Petersburg”;

Group projects and presentations

At the end of the Module I participants will have to present a small group project by participating in a simulation role game to demonstrate cross-cultural communication competence and skills in solving practical communication problems.

Module II

“Master-classes : practical issues of the negotiation process”

Module II content (12 hours)

Subjects of the Master-classes are real cases and situations offered by participants based on their practical needs:

-negotiations with foreign /Russian partner;

-negotiations with potential seller/buyer of the products/services;

-negotiations be integrated into international R&D projects;

-participation in localization process in SP, negotiations with foreign/Russian manufactures to become a supplier, subcontracting ;

-promoting Russian company products to the international markets by participating in Road shows, international exhibitions, conferences, etc

Practical solutions will be found at the Master-classes together with participants to help Course participants to reach success in each given case and situation at the international negotiations and in practical situations at their working places.

Module III (optional, 8 hours )

Basic physiological issues of business communication

Module IV (optional, 10 hours)

Business English