SPL-2003 activities aimed to support

St Petersburg Automotive Cluster: R&D and localization issues

2013-2014 Project

“Matching Russian and Finnish companies working in automotive sector”

“SPL-2003” cooperates on this Project with Turku Center in St Petersburg. The Project is aimed to match up to 16 SP SME, involved in automotive sector -manufactures of automotive components engineering and R&D companies , etc (see bellow : 2012 Projects, IV. Profiles of the SP SME…)-with Finnish companies, interested to participate in localization process in SP Automotive Cluster.

Stage I of the Project –October 2014.

At this stage of the Project we plan to arrange participation of the Turku region based SME, involved in automotive industry, at the VII St Petersburg International Innovative Forum and annual Russian Industrialists Exhibition in October,2014.

We will assist to organize collective stand of the Finnish companies at the Forum and also arrange B2B meetings with Russian companies, seminars and presentations.

Stage II of the Project –October-November 2014

Following the Program and events in SP at the Forum, we plan to organize in Novwmber,2014 fact-finding mission of the SP SME companies to Turku to meet with Finnish companies-potential partners, to make presentations and to visit companies sites to discuss future cooperation

2012 Projects

On September- November, 2012 Association “Saint Petersburg – London 2003” based on the Contract with the St Petersburg Committee for Economy and with support of the General Motors organized Technological Trainings for 20 senior managers and experts from St. Petersburg SME automotive cluster companies and R&D groups to Canada and Poland.

I. Aims of the technological Trainings in Canada and Poland :

- to study possibilities for St. Petersburg research and science teams and SME to be integrated in R&D projects as subcontractors for Canadian institutions ;

- to learn procedures and mechanism of receipt orders for R&D from automotive industry, including the General Motors company

- to learn expertise of Poland based international companies –GM suppliers-to stimulate and support implementation of technological and management innovations in SP automobile cluster: certification process , quality control system, Lean management, etc .

II. The program in Canada included visits, meetings, presentations and round tables at the following institutions:

-R&D centers of Waterloo University (“IIQP”, “WatCAR”),

-McMaster University (“CANMET”),

-University of Ontario (“UOIT”, “ACE”)

III. The program in Poland included visits, meetings, presentations to the following automotive (GM) suppliers companies:

-”Plastic Omnium”, “Kirchoff Polska”, “Magna Formpol”, “Automotive Lighting”, “Securit Saint Gobain”;

-General Motors plant (“GMMP”) in Gliwice for studying of application and delivery of auto components from suppliers;

- group training at the “Lean Enterprise Institute Polska” (Wroclaw) with use of training programs and simulators recommended by the General Motors for the GM suppliers;

IV. Profiles of the St Petersburg SME automotive cluster companies, research teams and R&D groups participants of the GM Technological Training Program Canada and Poland


#1. The Company, having extensive park of precision metalcutting machines of the leading firms of the world, solves questions of design, manufacturing of cars and mechanisms of various appointment. Today our enterprise is engaged in release, installation and repair of the wide list of the printing equipment; the equipment on processing of foodstuff, and also consumer goods.

#2. The Company is dealing with metal-working on five-axis NC machines. We specialize in geometrically complex objects for machine building. Our production objectives are the follows: lathing anf milling high-production processing of details like turbine blades, mono-disks, impellers, radial and radial-axial wheels.Overall dimensions of processed details: – diameter – up to 450 mm-500, length – up to 950 mm

#3. The Company started the activity from January, 2003. It has a powerful industrial base (about 2000 sq.m. of manufacturing facilities), equipped with the modern equipment for processing, preparation and painting of metal. Technological process includes processing, cutting, punching of metal, drawing of a powder covering. Experts of designing, development and manufacturing of motor compartment protection create hi-tech designs satisfying all technical, ecological and operational requirements.

The second are of our company activity is manufacturing of mudguards, lockers, rugs for passenger compartment and a luggage carrier (boot).

#4. Since 2010, the Company successfully works in the supply and installation of material handling equipment (cranes of all types, conveyors, optional equipment). We provide a full production cycle – from production of cranes, LEAD development, installation and commissioning, to commissioning “turnkey”, and warranty and post-warranty maintenance, construction and repair of runways.

Today the Company works at a construction site as a metallurgical plant JSC “Severstal” in Balakovo and several other large objects.

We can offer client a system which allows to derive maintenance process cranes to a new level. This system allows to monitor technical condition and operating time of all nodes and of the crane and provide this information via radio or GSM-channel mode on-line on a computer monitor responsible for the good order of the crane.

#5. The Company offers its services of manufacturing products of instrument making and various metal constructions according to customer drawings, using turning, milling, punching, bending and welding technology.

The Company has extensive experience on manufacturing by the methods of component stamping and own tool production to address various issues of making the necessary equipment. While rendering services it’s possible to use our metal, painting and metal plating.

The Company has a fleet of stamping equipment, bending, turning and CTC milling machines, including turning and milling machines and CNC 5-axis milling machines.The company has experience of manufacturing parts for transport companies.

#6. The activities of the Company is production, installation and service of the hoisting-and-transport equipment such as load-lifting cranes, conveyors and other. Among our customers there are such companies as Ford, Toyota, NISSAN located in St. Petersburg region. The Company is also engaged in industrial construction and production of components for industrial enterprises in St. Petersburg.The Company plans to expand production and is interested in entering the market of automotive components.

 #7. Since 1993 the Company carries out transportation of cargoes from the countries of Western Europe in Saint-Petersburg and between St. Petersburg and Moscow.The Company transport a cargo capacity from 1-2 up to 20-25 cubic meters and a weight of 50-100 up to 7000 kg, carry out the service of “door-door” by own motor transport (cars of mark Mercedes Benz), as well as attracted, using only reliable and proven partners. Civil liability as carrier is insured .

#8. The Company was created in 1991 in Saint Petersburg. At present, the enterprise is a leading manufacturer of Russia Northwest and one of leaders on manufacturing of isothermal automobile vans and special bodies in Russia as a whole. Production of the enterprise satisfies all international standards of automobile bodywork.

#9. The activities of the Company is production, installation and service of the hoisting-and-transport equipment such as load-lifting cranes, conveyors, transport robots and other. Among our customers there are such companies as Ford, Toyota, MAN, Scania, GM, located in St Petersburg region.

The Company plans to organize joint venture on production of autocomponents in St Petersburg region. At the moment we carry on negotiations with German and Czech partners for achievement of the specified purpose.

#10. The Company is one of the leading enterprises of automobile electric equipment manufacturing in Russia. For more than 50 years it has been developing its business contacts with all the leading car assembling enterprises. Among the main customers of the Company are such companies as AUTOVAZ, GAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, ZIL, PAZ, SeAZ and others.

#11. The Company main activities are:

- Design and manufacturing of stamping dies

- Checking and welding fixtures

- Stamping parts production

- Steel service of coiled steel

The Company is a Tier 2 supplier for many automotive companies, such as Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen. It produces stamping parts and blanking from steel of different suppliers (either from MMK-mother company steel or from other steel suppliers). The Company has a strategy to become full service solution provider: making all operations from designing of stamping dies to producing finished parts or assembling directly to OEM plants.

The Company has 2 facilities: Steel Service Center and facility where it designs, produces and does maintenance of stamping dies.


#12. The Company is associated with the St Petersburg State Polytechnic University dealing with development and implantation of lab- scaled high technology products into the industrial application, methods of materials characterization and technology optimization on a lab scale level. Examples of research directions: nanostructured functional materials for trybology (solid lubricants, self- lubricating porous materials, nanoadditives for liquid lubricants); constructive materials: cement- based construction material reinforced with amorphous ribbon fiber, carbon nanotubes and nanofibers, cupper- based materials reinforced with alumina- oxide nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes and nanodimonds;

#13. The Company is affiliated with the St Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

Our area of R&D and prototype production is currently focused on industrial robots that can be implemented in automobile industry robots with so called “smart” features. We are currently design and produce intelligence robots prototypes that can automate some industrial operation in the different stages of automobile manufacturing (one of our products, for example, can orient themselves in 3D – space with robust control with uncertainties and delays to meet the challenge of using “smart” ideas in control theory based on math models We are currently actively cooperating with the Western European companies and R&D centers : our partners are GM automobile plant in |Saint Petersburg, universities in Scandinavia, France and Germany.

#14. The Company is a leading Russian developer in the area of stereo computer visions, participant in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre’s IT Cluster with its hardware/software package project, which makes it possible to control video devices and computers via gestures. is a researcher in the area of stereo vision, develops new algorithms, and integrates them into hardware and software

Areas of possible cooperation with Finnish companies.

Hardware/Software applications for car industry (computer stereovision systems inside and outside the car, embedded systems, specialized fault-tolerant computers, telecommunications: digital processing of radio signals, noise reduction, on-fly encryption of wide data streams).

#15. The Company has invented owned and implemented a continuous speech recognition system. Number of unique features set a System apart from our competitors: speaker independence, high recognition result in noisy environment, ability to operate on client without Internet connection, ability to update voice command list in real time, ability for users to add their own commands and share them with others.

#16. The Company is a commercial representative of the Joint Research Center “Material science in advanced technology” which was created in Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute (St5Petersburg). The basic idea is for the Company to be link between scientific labs from different research organization and industry through management of research and development of scientific groups for a complex approach to the solution of interdisciplinary problems applied science and industry. The Company provides access to the up-to-date advanced characterization equipment. It helps to receive information on the elemental, chemical and physical content of the analyzed samples, on the parameters of real crystal and electronic structure, on the type and localization of defects as well as on any optical, electrical, geometrical, etc parameter of any material and solid state structure.

2012 Projects (continue)

On April, 12, SPL-2003 with support of Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade organized at the Forum “Automechanika. St. Petersburg 2012” the round table «Future of motor vehicles» .

Issues for Discussion:

- Automotive companies needs today and tomorrow;

- What can St Petersburg research teams offer to automotive manufactures?

- Russian companies expertise in international subcontracting in the area of R&D and engineering.

At the Round table there presented “Toyota Tsusho Machinery LLC” general director; heads of departments of “General Motors Auto, Russia, St Petersburg”; Manufacturing, «Nissan Manufacturing Rus» LLC general manager; heads of heads of St Petersburg Joint Research Centers (JRC), R&D companies, representatives of St Petersburg technology universities and institutions; managers of companies relating to motor car components manufacturing. About 50 persons were in all.

2011 Projects

SPL-2003” has organized the St Petersburg SME missions to GM R&D Center and production facilities in Germany (Adam Opel, Russelsheim ) and to GM R&D Center in Israel (Herzlia).

Missions were organized by the GM USA headquarters initiative and with support of the St Petersburg Committee for Economy.