Collages by Natalia Rozhkova

Art works by artist Natalia  Rozhkova   are done in collage techniques. Art of collages is a very ancient one  dated back to the II century. Being neglected for a long period of time this art technique was   newly recovered at the beginning of the XX century by P. Picasso and G. Braque.

In N. Rozhkova collages eternal cultural myths  are paradoxically  mixed up. As a result a strange, sophisticated and very attractive “world” can be seen in every collage. In each of the art work executed   by St Petersburg artist  dramatic story with intrigue  plot is hidden and one would like to observe collages again and again as these  filled with  magic realism art works  are congenerous to our contemporaries  seeking for bright emotions in life.

N. Rozhkova  has graduated from the famous Imperial Porcelain Plant  Art school in  St Petersburg  and  then  graduated  from  Fine Arts and Graphics  pedagogic college in St Petersburg. She worked as porcelain painter, fine art restore at the museum, chief artist of the child magazine “Sunny Hare”. N. Rozhkova  fine art technique includes small porcelain  statuary, mosaics and collages.

Among  artist’s well-known  works  are  “Madonna  and  Child” mosaic installed in Rogozha village  church in Leningrad region, series of stained glasses executed for the largest Russian brewery “Baltica” sanatorium, various  compositions made of porcelain.  N. Rozhkova  has participated in a number of  St Petersburg art exhibitions.

N. Rozhkova works in collages technique since 2011.  Her  collages were exhibited in  St Petersburg at   F.Dostoevsky Memorial Museum,            at  All-Russia A. Pushkin Museum, at  Grand Hotel “Emerald” exhibition Hall, at “Turku Center in St Petersburg” and in Brinkala Gallery in Turku Art Center, Finland.

Art works by N. Rozhkova are in private collections in Russia, France, USA, Switzerland.

The artist lives and works in   St Petersburg.



Без названия.Коллаж

Nameless. 54×114 sm

        Metamorphosis 2. Diptych.51×59 

               Metamorphosis 2.Diptych.51×59

В гухом саду. 50Х60

                                        In Dense Garden.50×60

                                                           Masks of Night.39×40

                                                                 Logic or Destiny.70×80

                                                                   Unanimity.   Diptych. 60×60

                                                                      Unanimity.   Diptych60×60


                                  Letters to the Past.  Diptych.98×50

                                 Letters to the Past.  Diptych.98×50

Часы дней 50Х60

                                                  Hours of Days.50×60

Игра в слепую 50Х60

                                                        Play blindfolded. 50×60

Память старых стен.Цикл.

                            Old walls Memory. Series of collages.59×69

Плывет кораблик. 40Х40                                              As little ship goes…40×40


Король.Дама.Валет.  King.Queen.Jack


Карнавал.Театр 2.

                                            Carnival (Theatre).Diptych.70×70

Карнавал (Театр)1. Carnival (Theatre) 1

                                                         Carnival (Theatre).Diptych

Карнавал.Превращение пешки.50Х60

                                         Carnival. Превращение пешки. 50×60

Карнавал. У моста. 50Х60

                                                    Carnival.At the bridge.50×60

Карнавал 1. Диптих.   Carnival 1. Diptych


Ночное посвящение.Night initiation.

                                                Night initiation.70×50

  Коллажи 2013 серия 2 003                 White Owl fables.68×53

Коллажи 2013 серия 2 006

Коллажи 2013 серия 2 008

Carnaval.Three Loves.70×80