The non-profit partnership for the development of international cooperation “Saint Petersburg – London 2003” (“SPL-2003”) was set up in 1999 by the order of the Governor of Saint Petersburg.

    In October, 1999 “SPL-2003” opened its representative office in London (UK). The launch ceremony was attended by I. Klebanov, then  Vice-prime minister of the Russian Federation Government and B. Boothroyd, MP, then Speaker of the House of Commons of the British Parliament.

    The primary goal  of the  “SPL-2003” is to develop and strengthen business ties between   St Petersburg, UK, other European countries and USA. One of the aims of ‘SPL-2003” was to promote celebration of  St Petersburg tercentenary which was celebrated in the year of  2003.

    The main areas of the “SPL-2003” activities are the following:

  • Creating an image of Saint Petersburg as a large financial, economic and logistic  and cultural center of Northwestern Russia;

  • Increasing investment attractiveness of Saint Petersburg with potential investors;

  • Promoting in Russia and in St Petersburg  modern management techniques and advanced expertise in various sectors of the economy.

    Members of the  “SPL-2003” includes   Saint- Petersburg Administration and  a number of St Petersburg based companies and organizations.

     Since the day of its establishment, Dr. Grigory Rozhkov is the General Director of the non-profit Partnership  “Saint Petersburg – London 2003”.